Anika Stewart

Anika Stewart is the founder and CEO of Embracing Your Inner Woman, Author, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Counselor in faith based and Co-occurring disorders, Creator of Self Identity Apparel and Community Activist. She is also the founder of the I’m Every Woman Conference and Unveiling the Mask Workshop.
Anika is known for her bold, direct and confident approach of compelling women to transform their lives .Women are inspired through her story of overcoming addiction, domestic violence, separation in marriage and single parenting. Anika empowers women to unveil the mask of all insecurities, barriers and hindrances that will block ladies from true happiness and mindfulness internally opposed to the external attributes. Some of the signature talk titles are Embracing Your Authenticity, The Power of Your Breakthrough, When You Want to Give up, Give In and While You Wait.

Anika has earned an Associate’s degree in Drug and Alcohol Counseling, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Science Management at Wilmington University. She has been honored with the Prestigious Woman Award and Lady of Excellence in Leadership Award. She is the Vice President of the PI Gamma GU Honor Society.

Anika is congenial and passionate about the lives she encounters. She is being an example to women in areas of professionalism, business, education, and single mothers worldwide.