Ellice Darien

Ellice E Darien is an Entrepreneur. The Author of A Mindful Existence (Creating Your World of Peace) and she is the owner of ByDarien Skincare. The company creates 1st and 2nd incomes by offering entrepreneurs a avenue to sell our products as well as coaching and resources that will increase their income and network. ByDariens products are all natural products and constantly growing. Ellice Darien has a interesting background as a nurse, a corporate trainer and project coordinator, some of the companies that are Ellice’s past clientele has been from the individual to fortune 500 clients such as Sears, Liz Claiborne, New Horizons and Netlan. “I went from company to company teaching well paid executives how to sell or to coordinate their training platforms and want to offer that same expertise to woman like myself in small business”.