Shirley T

Affectionately known as “Shirley T”, Shirley T grew up with the same self-esteem challenges that millions of people face every single day. Yet, now, she walks through life with a sense of style, warmth, humor and acceptance that only comes from having learned how to be truly comfortable in her own skin. Ever the storyteller, Shirley T provides programs in a format much like a heart-to-heart chat with your best friend, mother or grandmother. She communicates with purpose, acceptance, warmth, and soulful intention.

At the age of 24, Shirley T was considered for “Who’s Who in the Young Executive Field” as she was the youngest Community Action Program (CAP) Director in the United States. Her thirty year career in Public Service and Human Resources provided her with meaningful insight into the prevalent self-esteem challenges that hinder professional advancement and job satisfaction. She spent over a decade studying and observing confidence-building strategies to help women in the workplace, as well as in their personal lives. She founded the Esteem Institute as a platform to offer transformational programs, classes and workshops to individuals and organizations who welcome personal and professional growth. Today, Shirley T works with and teaches individuals of all shapes, sizes, religions, and cultural backgrounds to restore their sense of purpose and heart-filled joy.

A strong believer in whole body (mind, body and spirit) confidence, Shirley T’s programs are multidimensional, often including a combination of physical activity (movement), motivational messages and self-discovery exercises. As a plus-size woman, she is also a walking, talking example of how a person’s size does not equate to core confidence and a healthy lifestyle. Shirley T holds certifications as a Certified Aerobics Instructor, Spinning© Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Zumba® Instructor, and currently teaches dance and/or fitness programs through numerous Richmond-area fitness centers.

Shirley T is the President Elect for the National Speaker’s Association (NSA) of Virginia, President Elect for River City Express Network, former-president of the Network of Enterprising Women (N.E.W.) and forever an “apprentice of life”. Her passion is observing, listening, tuning-in and following-through on all that life offers.