Deran Young

Deran Young is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of Black Therapists Rock! She obtained her Masters in social work from the University of Texas and also holds a Masters in Pubilc Administration (with emphasis on leadership, diversity, and organizational culture). She has visited over 32 countries and conducted her final semester of grad school, establishing a high school counseling center in Ghana, West Africa. Her clinical training and experiences has primarily focused on PTSD, suicide prevention, child abuse and domestic violence among military members, their families, and veterans.

Black Therapists Rock (BTR) is an organization of individuals, and agencies committed to improving the social and psychological wellbeing of vulnerable communities. With an online community of over 15,000 members, BTR has become an extremely visible movement in just the sixteen months since its initial launch! Additionally, the community events hosted by BTR encourages individuals to reconsider the face and the stigma of mental health treatment.

As the founder of BTR, Deran was recently acknowledged by the Mayor of Baltimore for “helping to educate the public on mental illness and end the stigma that is often associated with it”. Her efforts to raise awareness of mental health issues through Black Therapists Rock, afforded her the opportunity to be featured in the Huffington Post as one of the “10 Black Female Therapists You Should Know”.