Toni M. Winston

Toni M. Winston is a dedicated wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend with a desire to motivate and inspire those around her. Although she has formal education, much of what she knows and lives by comes from “The School of Life.” She draws from everyday experiences, observations, and research to help encourage herself and those around her.

Toni refers to herself as a Pink Squirrel because of her need to move to and fro, maximizing on several areas of interest at one time but always with a purpose and goal in mind. Some of the many hats she currently wears are Lifestyle and Resource Coach, Author, Meeting and Event Planner, Organic Gardener, and natural born Comedienne.

Toni is also the Founder and Facilitator of the From Vision to Victory a Victory Board event commonly referred to as “your vision board on steroids.” This process helps everyday people identify their dreams and goals and when paired with one on one or group coaching, she helps you take those desires #fromvisiontovictory.

Toni asks that you join her as she continues her journey and turns lemons into lemonade on ice!